PSHS Grad Nite

May 29, 2020

Join the rest of the seniors from Palm Springs High School as we spend all day and into the early morning hours, at Disneyland  and  Disney's  California  Adventure.

All Seniors will meet at the gym by 10:30am (check in will be done in increments based on bus name).Depart on the bus at 12:00 pm and Return is 5:00 am.

Grad Nite tickets allow people to hop between parks with regular paying customers throughout the day. Students will need to enter California Adventure at 8:30 pm so that they are inside the the park by 9:00 pm (Disney closes the gates) to enjoy the park with other 2020 graduates until 2:00am.

Be Safe and Make Good Choices!
​Have fun!!

Download the official app for the Disneyland Resort! 
See wait times, browse maps, locate Disney Characters and much more!

Disneyland Resort ​Maps

Maps of both Disneyland and California Adventure.
Maps are supplied by both Disney and Google

Disneyland Resort ​Maps

There are a number of restaurants throughout the parks.  Some are counter service where you can walk up and order.

Others are Table Service and is best to get Reservations

Security On the day of Grad Nite.

PSUSD Security will be conducting a thorough screening of every student inside the auxiliary gym.
​Once inside, Students will NOT be allowed to leave until directed to board the bus. 

  ​NO Liquid Products, or Food are allowed into the gym and onto the bus.
​(New Water Bottles will be provided once you enter.)